More Good,
More Often.

An all-in-one platform that makes social impact easy, measuring it even easier and rewards you for your efforts.

Do great things, get great rewards.

Bringing the giving time, funds, items and blood into the one place, allowing you measure your personal impact and get rewarded.

Opportunities tailored to your skills and interests

No matter who you are, or how you give, the VOLI app automatically matches you with opportunities to give back based on your skills and interests.

Measure, track and share your personal impact

Every time you give, no matter the form, its measured for you to view and share with your friends or workplace.
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Get rewarded for your impact

Gain more as you give more. Earn points for your impact, redeemable in the VOLI Store for exclusive rewards from top global and local brands, artists, and retailers.

Celebrate your efforts

We know how important building your impact community is. VOLI enables you to celebrate and recognise the good your friends, community and workplace are doing.

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Upcoming Events

Royal Fawkner Park Invitational Vol. 3
Charity soccer tournament raising funds for youth food insecurity.
The Big Back Slap 23'
Setting a world record in collaboration with Good One Creative.