Manage and reward your support, free of charge.

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Why VOLI Manage?

The financial burden of using traditional volunteer/donation management solutions is a significant barrier for many nonprofits.

High costs for essential tools often limit the ability of smaller organisations to effectively manage and reward their support.

Equip your cause with tools to maximise your impact.

Simplify your volunteer and donation management with our intuitive interface, ensuring you can focus more on your mission and less on administrative tasks.

Simplified onboarding and management of your support

Free to use management system that allows causes to onboard, schedule and manage those supporting their organisation.

Greater access to high quality support, on demand.

Tap into our expanding network to draw in skilled volunteers and additional financial support, broadening your reach and impact.

Quick reporting and oversight of your scaling impact

Monitor the collective hours and funds contributed to your cause in real time using our live dashboards for a comprehensive overview of your impact.

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How much will the platform cost our cause?
Absolutely nothing. No matter the size of your organisation, VOLI Manage is free for all charities, NFP's and community sports organisations.
Can I list more than one fundraiser?
Not just yet. Our initial product only allows causes to list one fundraising link within the VOLI app.