Workforce giving, as easy and rewarding as it should be.

Drive employee engagement, retention and CSR outcomes with our Workplace Giving Platform.
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Why workforce giving?

Increased Employee Engagement

Improved brand image amongst customers

Improved ability to attract and retain top talent

Empower a purpose driven workforce.

Enhance your organisation's appeal and retain top talent through employee-led workforce giving initiatives.

Match employees with meaningful opportunities

Connect employees with suitable opportunities tailored to their unique skills and interests, fostering meaningful and impactful engagement.

Reward and recognise your the impact of your employees

Reward employees with points for their impact, redeemable for exciting products and gift cards in the exclusive VOLI Store.

Increase employee engagement, retention and purpose

Enhance engagement by aligning employees' skills with their passions, fostering a purpose-driven and fulfilling workplace, boosting satisfaction and retention.
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