Unlock your causes potential with our AI Assistant, designed to help non-profits, charities and community organisations.
Need help drafting Volunteer Advertisements?
Let VOLI AI help you craft compelling narratives that speak directly to the hearts of potential volunteers. Transform your call for help into a call to action with personalized, engaging content.

Example Prompt: "We need to create an advertisement for a Social Media Marketing Volunteer. I'll provide the details of the role. Can you help draft an engaging and informative advertisement copy?"
Creating Email Campaigns?
Discover the art of storytelling with VOLI AI. Whether it's a newsletter, a fundraising appeal, or an event invitation, make each word count and every message inspire.

Example Prompt: "I'm planning our annual fundraising email campaign and want it to truly resonate with our supporters. Can VOLI AI assist in composing a heartfelt and persuasive email that encapsulates our mission and the impact of donations?"
Need Innovative Fundraising Ideas?
Break the mould with VOLI AI's creative brainstorming. From traditional bake sales to digital crowdfunding campaigns, explore unique fundraising ideas that capture attention and foster generosity.

Example Prompt: "Our team is brainstorming for our next fundraising event and we're looking for something out of the box. Could VOLI AI suggest some innovative and effective fundraising ideas that align with our community's interests?"
Looking for Volunteer Engagement Tips?
Example Prompts: "We want to enhance our volunteer engagement and retention. Can VOLI AI provide some strategies or tips on how to acknowledge and appreciate our volunteers' efforts more effectively?"
Disclaimer: VOLI AI will not save progress or answers. Be sure to copy and paste any answers you wish to save before exiting or refreshing!
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